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This is the website of the College of Arms for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Site Map

  • The College: Information about the governing body of heraldry in the SCA. Includes contact information and job descriptions for the College’s leadership, along with our financial policy. Also includes heraldic mailing lists and contact information for the heralds of each kingdom.
  • KWHSS: The Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium is a series of in-person and online events that promote education, research, and community-building in our areas of study.
  • Registration: Rules, tools, and guides for the registration of names and armory, a core function of the College of Arms.
  • Names: A directory of educational material regarding names, naming practices and related subjects.
  • Armory: Contains articles and resources about coats of arms and badges that serve as visual identification.
  • Event: Articles that should be useful to heralds who do courts, tournaments, or camp cries.
  • Sign: Articles that should be useful to sign heralds.
  • Precedence: Information on titles, orders, awards, and precedence.

Registration Toolbox

  • SENA: The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory.
  • Glossary: Defines many technical terms used in SCA heraldry and includes reference tables.
  • Handbook: The Administrative Handbook for submissions procedures and heraldic officers.
  • O&A: The Ordinary and Armorial, a database of all registered names and armory.
  • LoARs: The Letters of Acceptance and Return
  • OSCAR: The Online System for Commentary And Response.
  • Forms: Information about the submission forms, documentation, and standard letters.
  • Guides: Information for submitters, as well as for heralds interesting in consulting or commenting.

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